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General Synod is coming to Cleveland, June 26-30, 2015

March 2, 2015

One Orientation to be Held for Synod Delegates

After the February 21st orientation had to be cancelled due to severe weather, we realized that re-scheduling the session would be difficult until after Easter and Spring break weeks were over in mid-April.  Since a meeting was already scheduled on May 16, the decision was made to combine both orientations into one session.  The May 16 orientation was originally intended to be held by Webex, but we are now planning an in-person session in a Columbus-area church to be determined.  Details will be announced as soon as possible.

November 2014

450 Volunteers Needed to Welcome the UCC to General Synod

Click here to get details about the types of volunteer jobs available, how to register, and the Synod registration discount available for volunteers.

Congregations' Financial Support Needed for General Synod Hosting

Letter from Conference Minister Phil Hart

Dear Friends,

Grace and Peace to you from Jesus Christ, our Savior and Friend.

In June 2015, the United Church of Christ General Synod will be coming to the Ohio Conference (www.ucc.org/synod).  It is both a great honor and gift for us to provide the space and hospitality for our sisters and brothers in the UCC.

Our local arrangements committee, chaired by Sue and Derry Wimer, has been working hard for many months to bring together an amazing “Local Arrangements Team.”  Volunteer recruiting soon will be in full swing, and we hope to have about 450 volunteers for General Synod.   Things are really ramping up!

As you may or may not know, hosting the General Synod requires a financial commitment from the hosting Conference.  There are significant costs associated with the support and care of the volunteers needed for the event, as well as other expenses associated with the Synod.    More


October 2014

You can be a part of the Ohio Conference's Extravagant Welcome to Synod!

Click here to read your invitation from Sue and Derry Wimer, Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs, to be one of the 450 volunteers from Ohio to welcome the UCC to General Synod in Cleveland.  Learn about the tasks from which you can choose and how to register as a volunteer.   Learn more


September 2014

General Synod registration, including hotels and optional dining events, is now open for visitors, host Conference volunteers, exhibitors, staff and delegates. 

Delegate Registration

If you are an Ohio Conference delegate, please do not register yourself for Synod.  Your Synod registration will be handled and paid by the Ohio Conference. 

Delegation Hotel Reservations

The Conference delegation (delegates and staff) has a block of rooms reserved at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center.  Delegates and Association staff will be contacted by Conference staff regarding their hotel needs, and reservations will be made through the Conference.  Delegates and staff will need to make payment arrangements with the hotel at check-in.




The Ohio Conference will host General Synod 30 in Cleveland, June 26 - 30, 2015. Lots of volunteers will be needed to handle a wide variety of jobs, before and during Synod.  Our Local Arrangements Coordinators, Sue and Derry Wimer, are working with national staff members to finalize volunteer job descriptions and prepare an online volunteer sign-up form.  Read the latest news from the Wimers below.


February 1, 2014

General Synod 2015 Local Arrangements Coordinator Report

General Synod Local Arrangements Coordinators (LAC), Sue and Derry Wimer, have been meeting with the national staff General Synod Coordinators as they begin planning for GS15.  At this time, the Coordinators are preparing volunteer information and will have specifics after the Synod 15 Planning Meeting, which takes place in March at the UCC National Offices.

After the Synod 15 Planning Meeting in March, Sue and Derry Wimer will activate an on-line Volunteer Sign-up Form and Synod 15 Registration Form.  A link will be posted on the Ohio Conference website, which will outline specific details of each volunteer opportunity.  Individuals wishing to volunteer will also need to register for General Synod. 

After each Synod, the LAC reviews and updates all volunteer opportunities, especially since new technology makes procedures more efficient and less time consuming.  Keeping that in mind, many of the traditional volunteer duties have changed over the years.  If you have volunteered at past General Synods and look forward to helping in 2015, please be sure to read over the updated Volunteer Descriptions so you have knowledge of any changes made to that volunteer position.

All volunteer positions will be described in detail on the Volunteer Sign-Up Form.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue and Derry Wimer at shwimer1@gmail.com or at 440-655-3732.

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